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Service Coordination

Lincoln Street Service Coordinators are highly trained professionals whose values shine through in every relationship they develop and every service they coordinate. They are experienced at helping navigate through a service system that can be complex, and experts at connecting individuals, their families and guardians with the right staff and area resources to meet their needs.

Lincoln St Inc - Service Coordination

The LSI team is key to helping people navigate their path through an often complex service system.

Whether you’re new to Vermont’s developmental services, new to LSI services or a long-term recipient of them, our LSI Service Coordinators help you custom-tailor your services, based on the particular needs identified and available within regulations.

At LSI, we believe the key to effective services that result in a high degree of satisfaction is listening closely to each person’s and their family’s needs. We utilize a variety of person-centered planning practices designed to ensure that teams are on the right track to meet identified needs.

Our LSI Service Coordination is based upon the following cornerstones of our organization’s culture:

  • Respect for each individual and their family’s culture.
  • Effective advocacy and knowledge of the service system and community resources.
  • Commitment to individual planning processes that drive clinically and fiscally sound services.
  • Facilitating a strong team that is respectful, accountable and open to new ideas and approaches.
  • Providing and implementing Individual Service Agreements, which are contracts for services that are personalized and outcome-driven.



At LSI, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a voice.


We’re dedicated to helping the people we serve be intimately involved in their communities. Why? Because communities are richer when they are inclusive of everyone, contributing and sharing.


Anyone who wants to work can, and we can help!