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At Lincoln Street Inc., we believe that self-advocacy leads to the freedom of self-determination. That’s why we’ve long valued the concepts, listening and responding to the voices of the people we serve.

Giving a big ‘thumbs-up’ at the Voices & Choices conference!

What do we mean by “self-advocates”? We mean people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their allies taking a proactive stance to improve their circumstances socially, economically and politically. We mean putting people and their advocates in touch with scores of statewide groups that focus on issues related to the disabled. We mean connecting people with the vast educational resources and conferences where these issues and their solutions are the key topics of discussion.

Our LSI self-advocates have been active since 1997, and are connected to the statewide self-advocacy group, the Green Mountain Self Advocates.

Preparing for a (COPS) Connection of Peers Support Group meeting.

Members have opportunities to attend the National Self-Advocacy conference and actively participate in the statewide network. Self-Advocates supported by LSI are both socially and politically active.

Self-Advocates play a critical role within LSI by assisting with the orientation of new staff members joining the LSI team, participating in independent consumer satisfaction surveys and providing feedback for inclusion into the Agency Quality Improvement Plan.


Lincoln Street Inc. is committed to ensuring that the people we serve have a direct voice in the governance of the organization. One way that this occurs is to always ensure that a person we serve and his or her family members have a voice and a role on the governing Board of Directors.

Another unique way we ensure that the voices of the people we serve are heard is by inviting them to serve a term on our Executive Advisor team.

LSI’s Executive Advisors meet regularly with the Executive Director. Some of the work they have accomplished in the past five years includes:

  • Meeting with all new staff hired by LSI to ask a series of questions designed to establish that relationships are mutually respectful and that the individuals we serve are always empowered to “self-direct” their lives.
  • Developing welcome materials for new people who are joining LSI services.
  • Meeting with area youth preparing to graduate to discuss adult care services.
  • Acting as a liaison for the COPS self-advocacy group.
  • Reviewing all outside evaluations of agency services including the state review and satisfaction surveys, as well as providing input on how our services may continually be improved.

If you are interested in serving as an LSI Executive Advisor or have questions about the group, please contact one of LSI’s Service Coordinators or the Executive Director. A listing of LSI team members and their contact information is available here.



At LSI, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a voice.

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