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Health & Wellness

At LSI, our focus is on the whole person, and reflects our commitment to support people to live as healthfully as possible. We address a person’s physical and emotional health, and all of our clinical, educational and medical supports are individually tailored and coordinated specific to each person’s needs. We focus on providing the best services available through a lens of trauma-informed care.

LSI Agency Nurse Jean Grover, RN.

Medical Coordination

Depending on a person’s individual needs, each LSI team coordinates with an experienced agency nurse who provide critical health education and consultation to the teams. Our nurses are available to assist in coordinating medical consultations with physicians and specialists as needed.

LSI nursing coordination provides:

  • Monitoring of medical challenges such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy, dementia and compassionate end-of-life-care, according to Vermont Department of Aging and Independent Living regulations for those in our residential services.
  • Locating and facilitating medical services with skilled specialty providers.
  • Assessment, development and training of special care procedures for agency staff and contractors.
  • Training on specific medical and developmental syndromes, procedures and current best practices.

In addition to direct medical care and consultation, LSI nurses provide referrals to community health services, design individual education programs (such as learning to independently take medication or assuming responsibility for one’s own health care need) and provide group health-oriented educational opportunities.

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Psychiatric Services

LSI’s Psychiatric Services are provided by a licensed psychiatrist, and include assessment and consultation, and medical management.

LSI recognizes that individuals with intellectual disabilities often have co-occurring psychiatric issues that may not originate from their disability. Thus, conditions such as clinical depression and anxiety may occur even more frequently than in the general population.

Our Psychiatric Services follow the same team-based and family partnership structure as all LSI programs and services. We believe in a global approach to evaluating all possible causes prior to the introduction of medication.

Education & Skill Building

Building a safe and empowering environment begins with education and training, be it for staff, home providers or the individuals we serve and their natural families.

Education and training opportunities include:

  • Medication administration
  • Basic first aid, CPR and OSHA universal precautions
  • Social skills and sexuality education



At LSI, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a voice.


We’re dedicated to helping the people we serve be intimately involved in their communities. Why? Because communities are richer when they are inclusive of everyone, contributing and sharing.

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We are experts at connecting individuals, their families and guardians with the right staff and area resources to meet your needs.