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Family Support

LSI was founded by a family determined to create community-based services within our governing structure. Those services are specifically targeted to include family members and others who require them. LSI has long been focused on meeting the needs of individuals and their families.

Our mission at Lincoln Street Inc. is underscored by our firm belief that, in all things, families should come first. To that goal, our Service Coordinators establish a strong partnership with the families of every individual we serve, to find the right balance of support that is effective, and never intrusive.

An LSI consumer and her mom enjoying family time at an LSI event.

The key to our high rate of satisfaction in these family supports is our ability to listen and to respect each family’s values, culture and lifestyle. We work with the understanding that each family is unique. That’s why each of our family partnerships is flexibly arranged and specifically tailored to the family’s particular needs for support.

We collaborate with the family to evaluate needs and implement services that ensure the individual and family will be in control of the service decisions that our teams identify.

Lincoln St Inc - Family Support - Founder Teri & Son

LSI founder Teri Motley and her son.

Whether it’s support in the home by LSI staff to get started in the morning, community or employment supports while parents are at work, or help in arranging time for families to have a break, LSI is there!



At LSI, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a voice.

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We are experts at connecting individuals, their families and guardians with the right staff and area resources to meet your needs.


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