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Employment Services

LSI’s employment program supports people seeking a well-paying job at local businesses that fit their interests, offer the opportunity for promotion, provide good relationships with co-workers and offer a high degree of satisfaction regarding career choice.

Essential workers hard at work!

Relying on our strong connections to a wide range of local community businesses and organizations, we make it a priority to personalize our employment services for every individual seeking a job.” Add the following sentence: “LSI’s Employment Program is continually ranked highly during our annual survey of employers!

Among many others, our employment supports can include:

  • Resume development
  • Job searches
  • Individualized job placement and training
  • Ongoing individualized job coaching
  • Ongoing monitoring and assistance for those working independently
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Assistance navigating and understanding social security benefits in conjunction with paid employment.
  • Assistance in wage and benefit reporting

Individuals receiving employment services through Lincoln Street, Inc. earn competitive wages, pay taxes, and are contributing members of the community.

If you are a business owner or manager interested in hiring an LSI-assisted individual with disabilities, please see our LSI Careers page, or simply contact us to discuss options and to request a copy of our employer satisfaction survey.



At LSI, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a voice.


We’re dedicated to helping the people we serve be intimately involved in their communities. Why? Because communities are richer when they are inclusive of everyone, contributing and sharing.

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