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Community Supports

At LSI, we’re dedicated to helping the people we serve to be intimately involved in their communities. Why? Because communities are richer when all are included.

Lincoln St - Community Support - Volunteering at Springfield Fire Department

Community Supports—volunteering at the Springfield, Vermont, Fire Department.

Involvement in a local community can look different for each individual we serve, based on their personal interests, needs, skills and goals. We support people to develop functional skills such as doing their own banking, handling their shopping or learning to safely use public transportation.

We assist people in exploring their interests, developing relationships with other community members with similar interests, or trying something entirely new!

Community supports can involve volunteering at area nonprofits, and contributing to the community while developing relationships and building skills.

Lincoln Street Inc - Community Support

Cornerstones of community support services include:

  • Supportive teaching to increase independence by developing and enhancing skills.
  • Assisting people to build relationships with community members through paid employment, volunteer service, retirement activities and educational pursuits.
  • Identifying and respecting the individual goals and dreams of those we serve.
  • Supporting efforts to be connected with other self-advocates in having a voice regarding services, and participating in public policy.
  • Being respectful of people’s needs and desires, and to ask questions when we need clarification to provide the best support we can.

LSI will work with each person to develop an individualized plan that’s the right fit for everyone!



At LSI, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a voice.

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We are experts at connecting individuals, their families and guardians with the right staff and area resources to meet your needs.


Anyone who wants to work can, and we can help!