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At LSI, it’s our firm belief that everyone deserves a voice and the opportunity to make choices and be heard.

Communication is the key to understanding!

We have a long history of supporting people who do not use spoken language to help them build effective communication skills.

All the people we serve with communication needs receive a fully personalized communication plan that may begin with an evaluation by a certified Speech Language Pathologist who is experienced regarding the needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

Lincoln St Inc - Communication

Family communication can be enhanced through many of LSI’s personalized communications plans and tools.

Each communication plan is completely unique. One plan may consist of learning simple signs or sounds that have meaning to the individual, while another plan may make use of the latest in assistive technology through the use of a sophisticated communication device. Other options may include supporting people to simply become more assertive and use their voice effectively to meet their needs.

We work with funding sources to ensure that people have access to the best augmented communication tools suited to their particular manner of self-expression.



Anyone who wants to work can, and we can help!


We’re dedicated to helping the people we serve be intimately involved in their communities. Why? Because communities are richer when they are inclusive of everyone, contributing and sharing.

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We are experts at connecting individuals, their families and guardians with the right staff and area resources to meet your needs.